Fantasy Baseball Guide Going Forward

Fantasy sports have been around for years, but daily fantasy sports are still pretty new. Besides being a lot of fun, they have a ton of potential for you to make money off of them. Here’s a short primer to success in playing in MLB leagues.


When you are drafting your first MLB team, you will notice that you need to fill a certain amount of positions. Your fantasy site should break the players down by position to make this a lot easier for you to focus on. Even with this, there are several things that you will need to keep an eye on. For one, look at how much salary you have to spend. DraftKings, for example, will give you $50,000 to fill 10 positions in most of their default leagues. It ends up being one player for each position, plus an extra pitcher. A good starting pitcher will secure you the most amount of points (usually), so this is a good starting point. For now, don’t worry about your second pitcher. Read more

Rousey Loses Title Fight

UFC 193 saw overwhelming favorite Ronda Rousey suffer a devastating knockout at the hands of bantamweight challenger, Holly Holm. Not only was this extremely unexpected, it allowed many daily fantasy MMA fans to clean up in their tournaments, simply by going against the grain on the biggest fight of the night. Additionally, many sports books have announced that they are seeing losses on the fight just because the payout for a Holm victory was so high.

After the fight, Rousey was taken to the hospital for examination. Her lip had been split open, and it was determined that she would need stitches. Also, it is a common practice to have a medical exam after some fights just to make sure that the fighter is okay. This does not happen for every fight in the UFC, so there was concern about her wellbeing. Dana White, President of the UFC, has stated that as far as he has been told, Rousey is okay other than some stitches. Still, having Rousey not standing over her competition celebrating is a side of her that UFC fans have never seen before. Concern is an understandable emotion.

Her next steps are not clear. Rousey went from undefeated and undisputedly the best women’s fighter out there, to 12-1. Holm, a former boxer, was dominant over Rousey, landing far more strikes and was just plain faster on her feet. The finishing sequence of the fight began after Rousey regained her footing and a kick was delivered to her head. She went down near the end of the second round, and Holm was declared the victor. She’s now the new UFC women’s bantamweight champion. When asked if she would be willing to give Rousey a rematch, she declared that she definitely deserved another chance at the title. Whether or not this will happen, and how soon it will be if it does, has not yet been openly discussed.

Rousey has said publicly that she doesn’t want to keep fighting into her 30s. And at age 28, it’s likely that she’s already put some thought into the end of her fighting career. She has already shown a talent as an actress, and a second career in this industry might be something that she’s considering. None of this is really known to the public yet, so this is just speculation still. However, there has been evidence that she might be considering these things, and a loss might accelerate the process.

The opposite might also be true. Now that Rousey has seen that she can be beaten, there’s a chance that she will push her career into a second stage. A Holm rematch would be huge for the sport of mixed martial arts, and Rousey’s attempt to reclaim her title would bring a ton of money into the UFC. President Dana White has been a vocal supporter of Rousey, and will likely do what he can to keep her active. Again, it’s really not clear how the rest of her career will play out, but it’s certain that she will go down in history as one of the best fighters regardless of what happens.

Going forward, it’s very likely that daily fantasy sports sites will devalue Rousey in any subsequent fights she is in. If this was a fluke, and Rousey is still the best female fighter there is, this is a good thing. It means you will be able to get a superior fighter at a discount. Sports books will do something similar, slightly elevating her payout for a victory. No one wants to lose a fight, but from a fantasy perspective, this is a good thing for her fans over the long run.

Top 3 NBA Sleeper Picks

The NBA season is finally underway. Right now, the main focus is on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it’s far too early to tell who the real powerhouses of the NBA will be. And it’s for this reason that we’ve put together our list of top 3 sleepers when it comes to the 2016 NBA Finals. These teams are the teams that no one is really talking about much at this point in the season, but still have a realistic chance of going all the way.

Los Angeles Clippers
This one’s a surprise, really. Why are they not getting more hype? The Clippers went 56-26 last year, finishing second in their division, but third overall in the Western Conference. They ended up losing in Game 7 of the Western Conference semi-finals to the Houston Rockets, but they had been leading that series 3-1 at one point. Read more

The World of Fantasy Sports

It has been estimated that 41 million people played fantasy football last year, most of these in season long leagues. However, this year, daily fantasy sports leagues are more popular than ever, and sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are expecting to have more users at their sites than last year. This is pretty impressive considering the fact that these two sites saw their unique audiences grow by about 485 percent from the 2013 football season to the 2014 one.

Besides making the sites more money, the biggest thing that you will notice is that there will be a lot more people playing at the lower level games here. For someone with daily fantasy football experience, this becomes easy pickings. The diluted talent pool will not guarantee you a win every single weekend, or even a finish in the money, but it will lead you toward a much higher rate of finishing in the money.

For this reason, having a superior strategy is even more important. Luck will take the day once in a while, but if you are playing every weekend with a better set of skills than your competition, you will eventually triumph over them. Read more

Simple NASCAR Strategy

Fantasy NASCAR seems like it should be easy to master, right? Just pick the five best drivers in the field, the five that will finish highest in the rankings. But, it’s a lot more difficult than this in reality. You have certain factors that you are up against that need to be overcome before you will start experiencing long term success. Take them into account, and you will find that you are suddenly finishing in the money in your daily tournaments much more often.

First, remember that you have a salary cap. At DraftKings, the cap is $50,000, meaning that you cannot spend more than $10,000 per driver, on average. You can spend more on someone if you wish, but once you do this, you will need to spend less on others. Read more

NFL Offseason Roster Changes

It’s the offseason for the NFL, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no excitement right now. Watching teams move players around is almost as much fun as watching the games themselves. Sometimes, the changes are expected. This happened recently with Ace Sanders being released from the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a wide receiver, Sanders had 51 catches during his rookie season in 2013, but was almost a non-factor for the Jags last season as he only had only 6 catches the entire season. It should be noted that he was suspended for the first four games due to a violation of the substance abuse policy, but this was still an awful season for him. Even though he was a fourth round draft pick in 2013, Sanders demonstrated that he didn’t belong where he was. Therefore, his being cut was not a surprise at all.

In other instances, changes come by complete surprise. And sometimes, it happens with management, and not players at all. When the New York Jets cut Rex Ryan and he was picked up by the Buffalo Bills earlier this offseason, a lot of heads were turned. Read more

AJ Burnett to Retire

Hanging the Mit Up

Have you ever wondered what motivates professional athletes? A lot of the time, we assume it’s the money, and that can be a valid assumption considering how much many players make. However, at a certain point, you would assume that enough is enough. Sometimes players go well past their prime just because they don’t know anything else. Mickey Mantle is probably the most famous athlete that falls into this category, but there are others that are active today that also are past their prime.

AJ Burnett, starting pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, is not someone that will ever be considered in this category. He’s made over $144 million in his career, he’s 38 years old, and is currently having one of his best seasons ever. Yet, he’s decided to retire at the end of this season, even though there is probably a ton of potential for a contract raise. Over 18 starts, he has had 7 wins and currently has a 2.11 ERA. Read more

Things to Watch in Boston as Trade Deadline Approaches

It’s no secret that the Boston Red Sox are struggling this season. They started out strong, but after just a few weeks of play, they had secured last place in the American League East, where they currently reside. With the trade deadline coming up on July 31st, you can be assured that management for Boston is trying to secure a better second half of the season, and if that means sending a few underachievers to other teams for more promising talent, then that is what will happen. There are a few players that have definitely surprised fans this year on how poorly they’ve performed, and these are the players probably up first on the chopping block. Let’s look at a few of them. Read more

Wambach’s Role in World Cup has Changed

In 2011, the U.S. women’s soccer team lost to Japan in the World Cup Final. This year, they hope to have things a little different by winning. The game went into overtime four years ago, making for one of the most exciting games in recent memory. It influenced thousands of young girls to start playing soccer all over the world, and many of the same players on each team are playing again this year.

Abby Wambach, of the U.S. team, is one of these players. She is nearing the end of her career, and a win in Vancouver would cement her place in women’s soccer history. Her role has been reduced quite a bit this World Cup as she’s spent a lot of time on the bench, but that hasn’t slowed down her intensity at all. She’s still one of the biggest names on the team, and definitely one of the more outspoken members. Her teammates all speak highly of her, but in the same breath they usually comment how intense her personality is. Even when she’s on the bench for the biggest games of her life. Read more

A-Rod and Yankees Settle Dispute

Recently, Alex Rodriguez had his 3,000th all-time hit. A lot of the excitement, though, was marred by the fact that there was a disagreement over bonus terms about this hit. Back when A-Rod’s contract was originally finalized in 2007, it was heralded as one of the biggest contracts in MLB history, especially once you added in all of the milestones. He was to be awarded bonus payments for tying Willie Mays’ homerun number at 660, for example, something he did earlier this season. The contract gave him a $6 million bonus, but the team refused to pay it as they said it was under their discretion. Hit number 3,000 was also a part of that bonus, and once again, the Yankees did not want to pay for this. Finally, an agreement has been made, though. Read more

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