Bring a Blog to Life

Sports fans have a luxury today that they’ve never had before. There are more resources for sports journalists than ever, and the end result is that readers win. There are thousands of blogs, articles, e-books, and even print publications out there waiting for you to find them. Finding these will make watching games that much more fun as you will have a better understanding of the goings on between gametime.

Reading Blogs, and More

The best blogs out there have tens of thousands of readers, at least. Then, there are many more blogs that have just a handful of readers. Some are not well known not because they are bad, while other just haven’t been discovered yet. Finding the right blogs for your purposes starts with a web search, but once you find one you like, the search doesn’t end. There are thousands of blogs out there that you will never find, many that you will find that aren’t worth reading, and a few that you will find and say to yourself, “why didn’t I start reading this earlier?”
Get in on the Fun
Finding one good blog tends to lead to finding others. Many bloggers have loose partnerships with other bloggers that allows them to send traffic to each other. This helps you to find even more resources that will help you enjoy yourself. If you enjoy reading gossip blogs about football stars, there’s likely more than one blog out there about it, and odds are that the writers read each others material. There are blogs about sports training, too, that highlight how the top athletes prepare themselves for performance. These do not exist alone, but rely on each other for their success. There’s definitely something out there for everyone, and finding these is usually much easier once you start reading one good blog regularly as cross-posts are common.
Also, one of the joys of finding a new blog is finding other resources that the people behind it have available. For example, a great baseball blog might have a few books published as well. They might have a podcast that goes over postseason projections. They might have a print publication that comes out once a month. These are fun finds, they increase your understanding of the game, and provide hours of entertainment that you might never have found if you didn’t look around.

Starting a Sport Blog

If you’re a sports fan, and you enjoy reading different blogs, maybe you’ve thought about starting your own. If so, why wait? Beginning a blog is really easy, and only takes a few minutes to set up. There are a lot of free resources out there, too, that can get you set up for absolutely no cost. Sites like WordPress and Blogspot are easy to signup for and allow you to post your thoughts on your favorite sports for the world to see.

The good news is that you can write the kind of stuff that you’ve always wanted to read, but haven’t been able to find. Do you play in a fantasy basketball league, but can never find good information on which centers play the best away from home? Now you can cover it. Do you ever wonder about which football stadiums have the best burgers? Now you can post your own reviews. If you have an interest in something, there’s a strong chance that other people do, too. There’s no limit to what you can cover on your site.

Just remember to follow the rules while you do so. Don’t steal other people’s content and give credit where credit is due. Plagiarism is a serious crime, and just because something is posted online doesn’t mean that you can post it on your site.

Finding Resources

Regardless of whether you’re reading a blog or writing one, using social media will help. It helps you to find new information and it helps you to promote your own material. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others are all designed to make your social world a little bit easier to manage, and this can easily translate into sports journalism.