The World of Fantasy Sports

It has been estimated that 41 million people played fantasy football last year, most of these in season long leagues. However, this year, daily fantasy sports leagues are more popular than ever, and sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are expecting to have more users at their sites than last year. This is pretty impressive considering the fact that these two sites saw their unique audiences grow by about 485 percent from the 2013 football season to the 2014 one.

Besides making the sites more money, the biggest thing that you will notice is that there will be a lot more people playing at the lower level games here. For someone with daily fantasy football experience, this becomes easy pickings. The diluted talent pool will not guarantee you a win every single weekend, or even a finish in the money, but it will lead you toward a much higher rate of finishing in the money.

For this reason, having a superior strategy is even more important. Luck will take the day once in a while, but if you are playing every weekend with a better set of skills than your competition, you will eventually triumph over them. Read more

NFL Offseason Roster Changes

It’s the offseason for the NFL, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no excitement right now. Watching teams move players around is almost as much fun as watching the games themselves. Sometimes, the changes are expected. This happened recently with Ace Sanders being released from the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a wide receiver, Sanders had 51 catches during his rookie season in 2013, but was almost a non-factor for the Jags last season as he only had only 6 catches the entire season. It should be noted that he was suspended for the first four games due to a violation of the substance abuse policy, but this was still an awful season for him. Even though he was a fourth round draft pick in 2013, Sanders demonstrated that he didn’t belong where he was. Therefore, his being cut was not a surprise at all.

In other instances, changes come by complete surprise. And sometimes, it happens with management, and not players at all. When the New York Jets cut Rex Ryan and he was picked up by the Buffalo Bills earlier this offseason, a lot of heads were turned. Read more