The World of Fantasy Sports

Joining a fantasy sports league is a fun way to interact more closely with your favorite athletes, and you can do all of this without getting up from your computer. There are dozens of different of types of fantasy leagues, ranging from dynasty leagues that require several years worth of membership, or single day leagues, where you are only committed to your team for one night of play and then are able to start fresh the next day, if you choose to play at all. And thanks to the rapid expansion of stats being available on the web, fantasy sports are more accessible to the average person than ever before. Whether you want to pay to enter a league to give yourself a chance to win even more money, or you just want to play for fun, there is a fantasy league out there for you in almost any sport you can imagine, and you can give yourself a good chance to win that league, too.

If you’ve ever read or watched Moneyball, you know how important statistics are to a general manager’s position in Major League Baseball, and this holds true for pretty much any team sport. In this sense, managing a fantasy league is the closest that the vast majority of us will ever get to working for a sports franchise.
Get the Fantasy
Most people are familiar with the basic setup of season long fantasy sports. Before the season begins, you draft a team, and your players accumulate stats all season long. You have possibilities for trades and picking up free agents throughout the season, but the team you begin with is your basic team for the season. The roto style of scoring is the basic system used in each sport because it is simple and rewards long term consistency. Dynasty leagues are also becoming popular, and this involves a whole new dimension of skill, including scouting prospects and thinking ahead several seasons. Hardcore fans enjoy this, although success can take a lot of patience.

Daily fantasy sports are nothing like season long leagues. This is good and bad. It’s good because it is a different style of play that will give players an advantage. It is a probability based game, making it much closer to a game like poker. Those league managers that are skilled in basic math and know how to apply it to real life situations will have a huge advantage in this type of game. It’s a bad thing, though, because most people don’t realize that these are very different things and take different skill sets to be successful within. For those that have never played in this type of a league, it can be a tripping point and take some getting used to. Either way, it does afford you with immediate results, which is great for those that don’t have the patience for season long leagues.

However you choose to play, getting into the mind of a GM is cool. It allows you to think like a professional sports exec and start to think about what happens long before a player steps out on the field. This isn’t something that you will learn about by watching Monday Night Football, but it is something that you can mimic when coming up with a lineup for your fantasy league in August when NFL groups start to form. Being successful in your league is going to make this even more exciting for you. It teaches you more about your sport, what circumstances and scenarios are going to be most likely to create success, and how to outsmart and outplay your competition.